Relieve, Renew and Melt Away The Pain With LA's First Cannabis Mani/Pedi: The Canna-Cure

Ultimate “Chill” Time with Kush Queen CBD Infused Products For an Unmatched Therapeutic Experience


Bellacures, introduces Los Angeles’ first cannabis infused manicure and pedicure, the Canna-cure. Using CBD, or cannabidiol based products from Kush Queen, the Canna-cure will provide the ultimate relaxing and therapeutic experience. 




Top Products For The Best Nails As Recommended By Bellacures Founder, Samira Far

The Brain Behind LA's Hottest Nail Salon Franchise Reveals What To Use To Get The Healthiest, Prettiest Nails

While not much can be done about the natural nail bed shape, there are certain products that, with regular use, can make nails better all around- stronger, healthier and prettier.  However, with so many products out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know what is truly best and which products produce real results.  




Nail Shapes 101: A Aguide To The Most Popular Looks

From Classic to Edgy, Bellacures Breaks Down the Top Nail Shape Trends and What They Say About You


If picking a polish color at the nail salon seems overwhelming, an additional question is now being thrown your way: “How would you like your nails shaped?” Today, salons know that the shape of the nails is just as important as the color they get painted when speaking to style. 




Spring Forward: Top Nail Trends for the Warmer Months Ahead

Transition to a Fresh Season with New Nail Colors and Look


Spring is right around the corner, and with the new season comes new nail colors to celebrate the return of warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and flirty vibes.  This is the perfect time to experiment with fun, playful colors as well as branch out with some bolder looks. 




The New Spiritual Awakening Pedi

Take A Spiritual Journey And Experience the Transformative Power of a Treatment Designed for the Body and the Soul


The treatment takes you on a spiritual journey through aromatherapy, healing crystals and the releasing of any negative energy in your life while setting new, positive intentions. 




The Top Nail Trends To Ring In The New Year In Style

Say Goodbye to 2016 with the Best Nail Looks to Party In


With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, many are already starting to plan their outfits to watch the ball drop in.  The fun night is also a good reason to glitz up your nails and wear fun new looks that you usually wouldn’t.  From glitter, confetti inspired looks and nail art, there are trends for everybody to shine in as the clock strikes midnight. 




What It Takes To Get "Rich-Girl" Hands

Top Tips to Make Your Hands Look Young and Fresh 

You may have heard the term “rich-girl” skin, referring to the glowy, perfect skin mostly seen on fresh-faced celebrities and models.  Well, what about your hands?  With the focus always being on the face and body, more often than not, hands get severely neglected.  People tend to not put as much time, care or money into the maintenance of their hands; however, hands are one of the first places that can show signs of aging.  Dry saggy skin, dark spots and fine lines are not bias and only showing up on the face, so let’s start focusing on the hands!




Bellacures Launches Eponymous Product Line

Professional Grade Product Pouches Available For Purchase; Products Include, Scrubs, Mask, Cream And Tools “To Go”

Bellacures, the premier nail salons renowned for their luxuriously relaxing atmospheres and high level of service and cleanliness, proudly announces the introduction of a proprietary line of products that will be used in all salon locations, as well as be available for customers to purchase and take home.




The Top Nail Trends From New York Fashion Week

All the Standout Looks from the Spring 2017 Runways

While Fashion Week’s main focus is the clothes, one can’t look past the major nail looks that will inspire manicures off the runways all around the world. Bellacures is breaking down the 10 hottest nail trends from New York Fashion Week. Take a sneak peak backstage at some of the top designers shows and the nail designs and colors they used to make a statement. 




The Top Nail Trends To Rock As The Temperatures Drop

The Coolest Nail Colors and Styles for a Fashionable Fall Season

Fall is just around the corner: the season with (slightly) cooler temperatures, darker wardrobes and pumpkin spice lattes.  It’s time to look ahead and start to prep our nail colors with the changing of the season so our nails are fashion forward as the clocks fall backwards.




Easy Tips To Ensure An Ethical Manicure

Bellacures Shares Ways to Make Sure Your Mani is Safe and Your Manicurist is Treated Fairly

Since The New York Times shed light on the unethical business practices of hundreds of nail salons throughout New York, customers are now, more than ever, seeking nail services from salons with ethical business practices, high cleanliness standards, and fair wages for employees.  With so many nail salons out there, it can be hard to tell who is doing it right, but there are some easy ways to tell if you know what you are looking for.




And The Top 10 Favorite Mani/Pedi Pastimes Are...

New Poll Reveals What People Do While Getting Their Nails Done

While some consider a nail salon a haven to beautify their body and clear their mind, others use their pampering time to read a book, catch up on new magazines or chat with a friend. Bellacures, the nation’s leading nail salon franchise recently polled their staff and clients to find out the top ten things people love to do while getting polished to perfection. 




Top 10 Nail Art Trends

The Top Designs That Are Having A Big Moment, Years After Nail Art Emerged

When the nail art trend hit the scene, the world couldn’t get enough.  From over-the-top designs to intricate artwork, things did get a little crazy for a moment.  Today, with the return to clean, neutral nails, some may argue that the trend is dying a slow death; however, there are some nail designs that are just too cool to say good-bye to.  Lately, nail art is chic and fashionable enough to make you tempted to revisit the trend that already had its five minutes of fame.




Top 10 Nail Colors for Summer 2016

Welcome the Warmer Months with Equally Hot Nails 

With the overwhelming amount of nail polish brands and colors out there, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of the latest color trends.  The summer season is quickly approaching, and there are sure to be new releases from all the brands for the best time of year to show off the perfect mani/pedi.  From timeless reds, to new nail tints, this season is bringing back a couple of classics and introducing some funky freshness into the mix.




10 Healthy Nail Habits


Quick Easy Tip for Strong Healthy Nails

Even with a beautifully painted manicure, you can’t hide unhealthy nails.  Neglecting your nails can causing cracking, dry cuticles, hangnails, damage and breakage that a manicure simply cannot fix.  That is why it is important to take the time to create a healthy nail base, which will take a manicure from bleak to chic.  Luckily, there are easy tips that can help a lot, proving that a little effort can make a big difference.




Top Ten Red Carpet Mani Moments


The Most Iconic Nail Looks Rocked on the Red Carpet

From simple nails in bold colors that accent elegant gowns to show-stopping glittery nail masterpieces, over the years, starlets have been sporting fabulous nails on the red carpet that awe the audience, inspire their fans, and are talked about for years to come.




10 Celebrity Nail Styles To Inspire Your Look This Year


Feel Famous; Sport Your Favorite “It Girl” Nail Style

From classic to fun to bold and even a little bit crazy, celebrities use their nails to showcase who they are and sometimes, how they are feeling.  Whether you are watching them on the red carpet or their Instagram, leading ladies love to show their fans what they’re working with. This year, be inspired and channel your favorite “it girl’s” style and personality.




Take Your Nails For An 80's Retro Ride


Bellacures Shows You How To Rock The Biggest Trend In Nails This Holiday Season

The runways this Fashion Month made one thing clear- the 80’s are having a big moment.  The fashion trends seen strutting down the catwalk can also be translated to your nails, and they just happen to be the perfect look to take you through the holidays and into the New Year in chic, retro style.




The Top Fall Trends From Bellacures


Polish Up On The Latest Ways To Update Your Nails For The New Season

There is nothing better than a new season to inspire a fresh, updated look.  Luckily, nails are the latest hot accessories, so change is easy.  From new shades of polish to a different take on already popular look, Bellacures breaks down the trends they are seeing take off this fall.  




Scalding Hot Halloween Nail Looks


Bellacures Boils Down The Hottest Head Spinning Halloween Looks for Every Personality

It may be the spookiest time of year, but that doesn’t mean your nails have to be scary.  No matter what your Halloween style – full fright or simply costume lite, Bellacures, the hottest nail franchise in the country, has put together some of their most requested glam looks for every personality. 




The Ultimate Nail Diet


Bellacures Breaks Down What To Eat For Stronger, Healthier Nails

You know the saying- “You are what you eat!”  Of course we are well aware of the benefits of a healthy diet for your body and skin, but your diet can also really affect the appearance and health of your nails.  Whether you are looking to grow your nails out, or just make them a little less brittle and bendy, your diet could be the answer you are looking for. 




Refresh Your Mani in Five Minutes


How To Keep Your Manicure Looking Perfect In Between Nail Appointments

No matter how many times a month you get manicures, it’s inevitable that after a few days of tapping at your keyboard and phone, washing dishes or just simply washing your hands, your once gorgeous and perfect looking nails can start to look a little tattered and worn.




What Your Nail Color Says About You


Discover One’s Personality Through Their Nail Polish:

The Bellacures Color Code

Who you are is comprised of many different facets of your personality, and your personality dictates not only how you choose to act on a daily basis, but what clothes you pick out in the morning, how you wear your hair, and of course, the color you choose to put on your nails when you get a manicure.